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You have 9 seats left which kpop stars will sit with you?
1. Red Velvet/ Wendy
2. SevenTeen/ Jeonghan next to wendy because he knows her and aren't in the company.
3. T-ara/ Qri so she can get to know others she doesn't usually come across with.
4. Big Bang/ T.o.p I feel like his personality will click with Qri.
5. 2Ne1/ Dara so she talks with others then just T.o.p
6. Nu'est/ Ren I feel like him and Dara will get along.
7. Girls Generation/ YoonA She is so nice and friendly. so she gets to sit in the middle.
8. Bangtan Boys/ v so he can meet others.
9. Shinee/ Key His sass and v's sass will come together to make friendship.
Those are my 9 kpop guest let me know who yours will be in the comments. I placed them in seats that I feel would work for them because of personality. If you want to seat them in order of favorites feel free to do so. Tag your and others. Hope you enjoyed!!! :)
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Oh and 2 Jeonghan just the guys no girl allowed except me of course 馃槀
Mine would be 1. Amber, because I love her, and she is the one I could communicate best with. 2. Minho, because Amber gets along well with him and I love him. 3, 4, and 5 would be Onew, Jonghyun, and Taemin because I see Shinee as an inseparable family who I would want to give a break and let them spend time together. 6. Kai, because, Taemin and Kai are basically inseparable as well. 7. D.O, because I love squisysoo, and we obviously know he and Kai get along well. 8. and 9. would be my biases and GD fanboys, Jungkookie and Bambam. Last but not least would be 10. G-Dragon ^^ So basically, a table full of some of my main biases so they can all relax and rest a bit.