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*********************************** CONGRATULATIONS GD✔ ************************************ Twitter Music congratulated BIGBANG‘s frontman for reaching 5 million followers onTwitter: ***********************************


************************************ G Dragon especially stood out this year, although he himself claims that nothing much has changed since before. "and i have a concert tomorrow, too.” From spring to summer,BIGBANG was all-in with productivity. They released eight single tracks and seven music videos. “This year? Hmm… BIGBANG is everything. G-Dragon is BIGBANG. In 2015, BIGBANG was such a huge part of my life.” G-Dragon was always BIGBANG’s leader, but has the group ever looked more stable than now? Perhaps this is due to the disappearance of critical views against them, whether they be simple envy or outright rejection. “I don’t make music or dress the way I do to gain support from those who don’t like me; I’ve never thought too deeply about those people. Of course I keep in mind what the public likes these days. That’s my job. Nothing much has changed.” The fact that he calls this his job is notable; it shows that he thinks, perhaps more than others, about what a true star would naturally do or show to the public. Experimental if an experiment, challenging if a challenge. “They’re all memorable because they were all things I wanted to do and that I had fun doing.” Was the exhibition <PEACEMINUSONE> the start of him displaying his name, similar David Bowie and Bjork? In the summer, he, with a bright hair color, dominated the party scene with Tilda Swinton, Kanye West, and the Chanel Haute Couture collection. He attended the end of the year awards in a hot pink suit, and, with other BIGBANG members, energetically danced to ‘Fantastic Baby‘. And finally this lucid moment. “I am.” When on <Please Take Care of My Refrigerator>, Jung Hyung Dong jokingly accuses him of putting truffle mushroom, caviar, and foie gras in his fridge “to look cool and classy,” G-Dragon laughs a bit, and says this line, distinguishing himself from all others. What really is “cool”? As the answer to this question, G-Dragon stands on stage, in front of the camera. Credts to::
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