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I know I was tagged a couple of times but I don't remember who. It might have been @amobigbang @xsandos17 But anyways I'm thankful for all the wonderful kpop Community amigos I have made. I tag anyone that would like to participate
1. I am most thankful to Big Bang becsuse over the last nine years there music and style has brought me back from many edges OK of a cliff. They have awesome fan service and their personalities are all ones I admire. My ultimate bias GD is talented like all the others but his lyrics hit my soul and his smile give a me peace within my heart.
2. I am most thankful for GOT7 JUST RIGHT mv because my son was being bullied and had a really low self esteem. my son is 8 and to hear the words "I hate myself and the way i look mommy" broke my heart. I showed him this video and sang it to him. It brings and instant smile to his face and now he knows how awesome perfect and just right he is. don't you agree.(he the next pic) this song is an instant self esteem booster and so dance worthy
3. Kpop has helped me this year with my son's and mine's self esteem. It has always made me happy, and brought out emotions I usually hide. It has helped me lose weight because I am constantly dancing to it. It has brought me to Vingle where I have made some pretty awesome friends
4. I most admire T.O.P for many reasons. He is my bias wrecker. I admire him because he stays true to himself. He interacts with his fans on his instagram. He is incredibly talented actor, rapper, and a Singer (go to last slide to hear his ost for Secret Message...BTW is very good short series). I find I have a lot of same qualities in me that he possesses. He is definitely one of the most down to earth, caring, and beautiful human beings on this planet. Plus I love his intsa with his food, architecture, and weird furnishings. He always makes me smile and his members smile.
Credit to all the original owners of the pics I found on the internet.
BTS is the Kpop group im most thankful for because they can just cheer me up whenever I feel down and I love them all ;)
cool. this is my first time seeing this, but imma do it when I take a break from cooking!