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So this happened today between me, my mom, and park jimin (ft. jeon jungkook)

(Bangtan Bombs: Eyes, Nose, Lips by Jungkook ft. Jimin) I was watching this during lunch on my tv. I always do that and my mom never really cares about what i watch. I was laughing the whole freakin time because jimin's face is just...... so great.... his thirst for jungkook is just so obvious it's hillarious!!! and that probably caught my mom's attention. *jungkook is singing, jimin is next to him* Mom: He looks dorky. Me: Dorky?? Mom: I mean, what is he doing? Just sitting there? Me: uh.... since i don't want to explain that Jimin is probably making that face because he is thirsty for jungkook, so i just said.... Me: Yeah.... chim is dorky then jimin started to dance, and that gave me an idea. So I changed the video to Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope dance break practice (3rd video). Me: Mom look! Mom: What? Me: It's the dorky guy! Mom: What? The one from the previous video? Me: yeah! Mom: Which one? *jimin spins mid air* Me: That. Mom: What the?! *there was a pause between us until the video ends* Mom: THAT'S THE DORKY KID?! He could dance like that? Me: Yup. *feeling accomplished* Mom: What's his name? Me: *proudly* Park Jimin. I am pretty sure my mom's mind was blown by Park Jimin.
That's definitely our Jimin, who can easily change his expression from 0 to 100, from adorkable to sexy af, in a blink of an eye.
And if we're talking about jimin, we could never forget to mention jibooty. Cause jibooty is life.


what do you think about MA CITY? Jimin's voice in Ma City is a killer omg♥ So close yet so far, tomorrow is a big day guys! 27th is their day 1 concert! Credits all pics and gif to the owner, those are not mine

Oh btw! Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate! ^^

WAY TO GO JIMIN HAHAHAHA also props to you for dragging your mom into kpop!
@kpopandkimchi Hahahaha, i'm not sure if it's me or jimin who dragged her XD