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Guys!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh I'm soo emotional right now idk why hahaha but it's my Channie Bears birthday!!!!!!!

If you didn't know Chanyeol is my 2nd UB and One of my first Kpop loves!! I love this kid soo much!!! Hes soo perfect! He's extremely talented , he's the biggest sweetheart , and he just melts my soul with his cuteness!! Seriously if GD wasn't in the picture he'd be my number one , he's one of the few people that brings me pure happiness just at the sight of him and hearing his voice can brighten my day In a heartbeat!! Don't want to make this too long or get all super emotional lol so please enjoy these lovely pictures of my channieπŸ’•

How perfect is he!!?!? No effort whatsoever!! And those ears....omo!!!😍😍😍😍😍

He's the cutest bean of them all!! Channie is my worldπŸ’•

Seriously How could you not love this face!!!!

From Channie Bean to Channie BAM! I two seconds! 😍😍😍

........but he's not allowed to be sexy he's my innocent little Channie bear forever!

Ugghhhh I love this kid soo much!!!! Why are you soo perfect!!

Happy Birthday Channie Bear!!

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oppa happy b-day exotics love u very mch