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This might be a bit of an odd choice, but I'd invite L over for Thanksgiving dinner.

L is somebody I'd hang out with anyways, so why not invite him over! I find his quirkiness and weird habits adorable. I'm sure my family might get a little freaked out by him, but they shouldn't be too surprised lol It'd be interesting/funny to see how L would socialize with everyone. He'd probably drop a comment or two that would make me bust out laughing.
He would probably eat all the sweets in the house, which is a good thing in my case. There'd be no temptation to shove a whole bunch of sugar in my face... Like the half pound of brownies I've already eaten *puts on stretchy pants*
All in all, having L over would be fun and amusing. He'd get his sugar fill and I'd be thoroughly entertained!
Pics aren't mine!