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Sweet Dreams Playlist (Soundtrack to Life Challenge)

Here's a confession. I commented on @MattK95's card last night saying that "I'm four days late but I'll be doing it right now!" but it wasn't published until today. To be fair, I did start on it last night but I somehow fell asleep and woke up at 4am on the couch. It was honestly a combination of tiredness, stress and the soothing music. So, sorry for the delay guys but here it is!

Warning: Lots of Ballads. No Kidding. They're my lullabies.

에피톤 프로젝트 (Epitone Project) - 새벽녘 (Around Midnight)

어반자카파(URBAN ZAKAPA) - 코끝에 겨울(When Winter Comes

NELL- 백야 (White Night)

라디 (Ra. D) - I'm In Love

비스윗 (Besweet) - 슬프다는 말

이루 (Eru) - 까만안경 (Black Glasses)

주니엘(Juniel) - Everlasting Sunset

포맨 (4MEN) - 지우고 싶다 (Want to Erase)

Se7en - (와줘) Comeback to Me

@MattK95 That's good to know!
@cindystran awesome I hope your vacation was awesome ^^ and possibly Eru, but I know @PassTheSuga knows about Ra.D :)
@MattK95 I'm so sorry it took me this long comment back. I went on vacation last week and couldn't get online. You're probably one of the few people on Vingle that knows about Ra.d & Eru. :)
This list is literally everything ^^ I love every song so much, I'm so happy right now XD it's good to know that there are someone else on Vingle knows about Urban Zakapa, Eru, Ra.D, and all the others!!! Thanks for participating :D
these are all such beautiful songs! thanks for the awesome playlist! just got introduced to some new artists so got more listening to do now! 😝
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