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unpopular opinion time!

I think Sword Art Online is a bit overhyped. is that just me? i tried to get into it but i got so bored. i would have gotten into it but the hype for it got annoying so i didnt bother ("OMG SAO IS THE BEST ANIME" "OMG KIRITO AND ASUNA ARE RELATIONSHIP GOALS)
I liked both SAO seasons, they were enjoyable, but for what it is, its REALLY overhyped
i dont really like it
I also think it's a bit overhyped. I only watched the first season. At that time, I was enjoying it very much and couldn't wait till season 2 was released! But after people kept mentioning it everywhere, I got a little annoyed and somewhat lost interest in it. I only watched the first episode of season 2 and never continued because I started getting bored of it. But SAO is still a great anime!~
I agree
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