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Jimin is just a flirt but who can't blush and laugh at the things he he's not to bad to look at.(2nd picture (pickup line) create it @AimeeH)
Not to be vulgar but he's got a great booty as well as killer abs. He is hot all around but he does have his cute moments.
I added some memes in because heck why not.
Jimin's voice drives me crazy in a good way. I'm very thankfully that he is around!
Alrighty that's all the pictures and Gifs I can add. I love Jimin with any hair color but I favorite him with the red. its drives me nuts. Today Jimin has Jams!!!! Love you Jiminnie!!!! Happy Jimin Day and Happy Thanksgiving.... I'm very thankfully BTS exists. (I'm also thankfully for all kpop) @Tigerlily84 @AbbyHudson @kpoplover1995
The first picture hahahhaha Yes jimin, you ARE the view!
@SarahVanDorn finally! I have been waiting patently for Jimin day! too cute