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I grew up with a family that hated me a a couple even told me that I shouldn't have been born at the earliest as age 7. all my friends either stabbed me in the back or used me till they didn't need me any longer. growing up on holidays I would be ignored and tolerated. the past 4 years my holidays christmas, thanksgiving, even my birthday I've been alone in silence looking at posts of the happiness of others. all the women I dated either used me to pass time, lied to me, or tried to have me killed. my mother never wanted me and left me with my grandparents while she traveled and partied. my father I never met. my mother disowned me for defending myself from my uncle who spent a whole day telling me how worthless I am and how the world would be better without me. all this and more has happened to me and I want to thank anyone who's reading this because holidays are very hard for me and it's nice to know I still exist even if I don't feel like I do.
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@YurushiNoYami Happy Thanksgiving man! (I assume you live in the US and celebrate Thanksgiving, if not its a day to be thankful for what you have and getting as far in life as you have) This might be hard to see but on the plus side now you can make sure that you do everything you can so others don't have to know the pain that you do. I sincerely wish the best!
YOU are not ALONE!
your such a strong person... if I went through that I'd probably have fallen by now... ☺
@AlidaGarman I've about fallen and I don't hope very often along with the fact that it's become second nature to cast people out of my life after they lose my trust.
I understand how you feel. Don't fret, the love all of us show you in the comments will get you by. :)