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pikachu mad! publish better!
why publishing to the wrong communities? "Learn Japanese" feed is full of random posts that have little or not to do with learning Japanese! Japanese word for anger is "ikari"
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pikachu look like a little yellow marshmallow!
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It is possible to report cards that you think might be in the wrong place! I think sometimes people are making an honest mistake (i.e. publishing to 'Fairy Tale' instead of 'Fairy Tail') but the report goes to the admins and they usually reach out an try to help users! When I was first starting out I got reported a few times and they were very nice ^_^
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😌Sometimes they must make you so 💥🔥😤IKARI!😠💥🔥 ...😊But not me, of course.
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@Rockron97 I know it can be frustrating :( but if we help users who might be confused we all end up better off :D
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