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Although where I am it's still Thanksgiving where my bias Chanyeol is its his birthday!!!! So Happy Birthday to my Favorite guy!!!! I love you!!!
I grabbed every picture I have of him and added some gifs. I love Channie!!! He is like me with the idea of always being happy even if things are bad.
Things I love about him....minus His happiness....well that's easy his smile, his eyes, his big ears ( I don't normally like those with big ears but god he's too damn sexy/cute with them) he's the only one I love his ears and they make him the best in my eyes. His personality and heck he will be a great father someday.
oh can't forget the arms. With those arms he could protect his girl easily. I have a thing for guys with muscles and he makes it all that much harder on me.
Here are cutie moments. @AimeeH credit for your pick up line...I love them so much I have to share em lol. Happy Birthday to Channie and I hope you have a great day. love you!!!! (not like hell see this but hey.) :). @Tigerlily84
Happy happy birthday you crazy giant!
@SarahVanDorn This super cute! And some of those pictures were very me-ow! Happy birthday Chanyeol!!!!