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hello my name is yuri Fujioka and today i start my first day at ouran high you see when i was just a baby i was given up for adoption in with leave in the state for most my life with my adopted family choose to keep the last name my real mother gave me and since i was old enough i was allowed to come here by myself as the bell signaled to get to class i met with my new teacher who showed me the way to class 2-A with would be my class for this year as the teacher got the class attention she yelled OK class listen up as you know we have a new student please teat her kindly miss Fujioka you may come in and introduce yourself.
hello my name is yuri Fujioka it a pleaser to meet you as i was introducing myself this boy with blonde hair wouldn't stop staring at me during the whole class so i look at him and said take a picture it last long creep then during the time that most students are doing there club i ask my teacher if i could stay in class and study and that is what i was doing when i felt like i was being watch when i look at the door that blonde hair boy along with a set of twins and so guy with glasses as i turn around piss that i wasn't able to study i got up and said i know your there what do you want am quite busy and don't have time for pity rich kids who have nothing better to do then to spy on people .
then they came out and the who twins ask me if my last name was really Fujioka so i replayed yes and why did you need to ask that the the blonde ask me i by chance had a sister and i told them no the i said so why you asking anyway? then they said that they had a friend with that exact last name then I said wait there someone here with the same last name as me yeah right that imposable i mean i was adopted but i I doubt that my real parent would get Reid of me but my sister that highly unlikely then the twins look at each other and walk behind me and started to shove me and said come with us tust us on this end the end i couldn't get away and they took me to this unused music room.
when we enter the blonde told all the lady's in the room if they could excuse them for a few mins then all the girls said OK and left then this boy with short brown hair came up to the blonde and said hey tamaki Senpai what going on as he walk out i could see he had the same color hair as i do and the same eye color the the blone who apparently is called tamaki said Hiroshi Fujioka meet yuri Fujioka then i said wait you said it was a girl not some guy the hiroshi started to laugh and said am sorry yuri san i am a girl am just I just have to pretend to be boy why I'm working for the host club to pay off the debt that I have then i said seriously but we do look alike i have an idea will come with me yuri so i left with her we went to a lab and Hiroshi took some of my blood and compared it to her. and a few min later she look at the results and said it look like we really are sisters then all a sudden the door came open with the so called host club standing there.
then we both look at each other and we both laugh at all of there faces then tamaki said wow i was starting to think maybe you were just cousins or something then later that day we went over to hiroshi house and she she introduced me to her father who was also mine but creep me out becouse how he was dress i never thought my real father would be into that kind of thing.