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When you get walked in on while watching anime and there's an awkward scene on...
That show is a bunch of awkward scenes. Especially the manga. But I truly enjoyed Love Stage and look forward to more Back Stage
@NatalieNguyen Your dad sounds a lot like me actually lol. Me and my aunt are the only two people in my family to watch it (shes who originally got me into it with Wolf's Rain, but I digress), but I think its really good that most of your family does lile it (: hentai however.... we dont speak of those things xD
@JacobWilson yes. I'm banned from anime. I made a huge scene and my fam was actually on my side (a lot of my family watches anime). First she says 'anime is for children when are you gonna stop watching?' Then she finds out about hentai (which I find disgusting) and then stereotypes that all anime is inappropriate. (She thinks kiss scenes are inappropriate for a 14 year old.) come on a KISS scene. Those are in PG 13 movies... I'm FOURTEEN. She then restricted my phone and has 24/7 watch on my laptop. The only thing I'm glad for is that she writes everything down. So I found the password for restrictions and now I use my phone in secret..... Sorry... I rambled on for too long
@NatalieNguyen oh my gosh you git BANNED from anime??????? I would cry so hard if that was the case... instead my dad looks at me and gives me a look, saying "nerd" every time he sees me watching it xD
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