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Happy Thanksgiving !!

The group I'm most thankful for: BAP

without them I wouldn't be into KPop and that is why I'm so grateful I found out about them. They changed my life for the better :)

The music video I am most thankful for:

MBLAQ This Is War It was the very first KPop music video I had ever watched so I am thankful that it showed me a glimpse of the KPop world which eventually lead me to being stuck here but I don't mind :)

How has KPop Helped me this year:

One of the biggest things its helped me with is coming out of my bubble and actually talking to people. It has also made me find this amazing app and make tons of new friends ! I am thankful for all of you for becoming friends with me and showing me new groups. Also for letting me know I'm not the only one who has social anxiety and don't have anyone to talk to about KPop with. But now we can :)
What K-Idol inspires you most : Min Yoongi aka Suga inspires me the most. He is so passionate about his music and he doesn't care what anyone says about him. His lyrics are true and sometimes I can relate to them. I also like how he doesn't give up on his dream even if people try to put him down for the way he is doing it. He also taught me sometimes things don't go as planned but those things might possibly be the greatest in your life. (ex. him becoming an Idol but then being able to write and produce music and have new "brothers") So I am thankful for Yoongi :)
So happy Thanksgiving everyone hope you have a great day :)
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@destiny1419 It's okay. its my bad lol
I am thankful for B.A.P also, one of the first Kpop bands I found outside of SHINee and Big Bang. Also thankful for finding Vingle because in my small town I am all alone in my Kpop fanaticism. Have only been on Vingle for about two months, but I love this community! Love having people to talk to and who understand the Kpop world and our devotion to it. People in my town may think I am crazy, but I now know I am amongst friends who are equally so!
@Kieuseru I feel the same way my family and "friends" look at me crazy when I talk about "that Asian stuff" as they say
@destiny1419 at least I don't get "that Asian stuff". They know I listen to Kpop, they just don't understand my love of it
@Kieuseru my aunt and grandma kind of put up with it especially when I show them new dances that I've learned so they are coming around