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This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything, list off their feats and abilities then, decide on who I think would win based off of the facts.
Combatant one: Ironman Extremis armor. Capable of casually lifting cars with one hand. Has one shot SheHulk. Has one shot Luke Cage. Tanks blows from Sentry and draws a little blood. Said to be able to lift 100 tons. Him and Mallen fight at such high speeds they become a blur. Flies at mach 8.7 Uses insane millisecond reaction speed. Capable of tanking multiple nuclear bombs. Can withstand a blow from Mjolnir (Thor's hammer). Can fire micromunitions from glove. Repulsor rays in armor. Sonics (loud frequency) Possesses all of Caps fighting knowledge in the suit. Capable of controlling his suit with his thoughts. Can see all over the world through satellites. Can see a cities electrical grid. Remotely accesses a nuclear bomb.
Combatant two: Sakura Elite Jonin Trained under the fifth Hokage for 2 and a half years. Shattered a giant boulder with just one punch. Defeated Sasori with the help of Chiyo. Defeated many ten tailed clones at full power. Possesses strength of a hundred seal (enhances strength and constantly heals and aids chakra) Took the strength of a hundred seal to the next level. Has always had an excellent control over her chakra. Said to have surpassed her mentor Hokage Tsunade. Was chosen to seal the three tails. An excellent medical ninja. Immune to genjutsu. Elite at tai jutsu. Destroys landscapes and causes earthquakes by punching the ground. Casually destroys a large house. Very smart. Capable of summoning Katsuyu.
WINNER: Ironman Ironman is pretty much just as strong as Sakura and has even beaten power houses before. Sakura was actually having trouble with Sasori's kunai if that hit her so, I'm pretty sure lasers and missiles would be to much plus, her healing factor isn't gonna be much considering she literally can't damage Ironman. Also Sakura is extremely good at Tai Jutsu but, Ironman basically has Caps skill. The reason I made this episode is because me and my friend hate both characters and we were playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance and we were talking about how much we don't want Ironman on our team then, my friend says even Sakura can beat him and that's when we got into a huge argument even though I hate Tony a smidge more so, I said I'm gonna make this a Versus Battle and here it is. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, hope everyone has a great day next week is the season finale. Douces!
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Ha! Yeah this one makes sense... if only because missiles XD