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@desitny1419 tagged me so i definitely wanted to make a card about how thankful I am for Kpop!

The Group(s)I Am Thankful For: EXO BigBang

I couldn't just choose one since both groups have impacted me in an amazing way. First group I'm absolutely thankful for is Exo! If it wasn't for my Exo loves I would have never found Taeyang and if it wasn't for Taeyang I would have never found the amazing group that I love more than anything BigBang💕 plus both groups led my to my UB's Chanyeol and Jiyongi💕

The Music Video I'm Thankful For: Loser💕

This song is my #1 all time favorite song in Kpop and in general. This song speaks to me in a way no other song does and I could listen to this song over and over again and it never gets old . I love all of big bangs songs but this one in my opinion is there absolute best song.

How Kpop has helped me this year:

Kpop has helped me soo much this year and I'm soo grateful . Not only has it helped me with my self confidence but it's helped me open up more and it's helped me become less shy around people and not worry so much about what others think because with Kpop I can truly be anything I want and do what I want without a care in the world

Kpop Star that inspires me: Kwon Jiyongi💕

GD is the most amazing person ever. Anything he sets his mind to he conquers. He's one of the most hardworking people ever , he's extremely confident and with his i don't care what others think attitude he's helped me see things in a different perspective. He's an amazing leader , you feel every aspect of him in his music. And he has the most caring soul ever. The overall way he carries himself is just so intriguingly perfect.


i am thankful for kpop as much as im thankful for food and water. lol
I am glad KPop has helped you open up to it has helped me in the same way.
@GDsGF 😂😂