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This guy is Ayumu Narumi from Spiral. Although cooking's not his main job, he's really good at it. That's why Madoka's a little ticked about getting nothing but curry lol
Ayumu is incredibly intelligent, yet fears that he is forever stuck in his brothers shadow. If I remember right, Ayumu has been living with Madoka since his older brothers disappearance (it's been so long since I've seen this show, correct me if I'm wrong). The only clue he has to finding his brother (Kiyotaka) is something called "The Blade Children". Strange occurrences have been happening at his high school, each event somehow relating to them. With the help of Madoka, who happens to be Kiyotaka's wife and detective, Ayumu gets closer and closer to solving the mystery of his brothers disappearance and "The Blade Children". Between school work and solving murder cases, he takes care of the household chores for Madoka because of her demanding work schedule. Cooking including! In fact, Madoka gets a little fussy if she doesn't have that delicious five star meal that she knows he can make.
While generally stoic, Ayumu could use a little help in the lady department. But one thing he doesn't need help with is making a wonderful meal! He makes one almost every night for Madoka, so I have no doubt he could make an amazing Thanksgiving dinner!
Hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving so far! Happy Holidays!
cook me something lol
if only guys could look like that and cooks for all the time*sigh*......but one can dream
I always preferred Eyes (the white haired guy) from the series lol