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You barely crack your eyes and look over your shoulder behind you. The bed was empty but you expected that. They had been so busy with the album coming out soon. You sit up and look on your nightstand and notice a note on your phone. You pick up the phone and read the note. ‘Play me.’ Confused you pull the note off and unlock your phone. You see it open to a video and you hit play. His big smile pops up first and you can’t help but laugh. He’s whispering in the video. “Oh look at you sleeping so beautifully. I wish I could be here when you wake up but we have a photoshoot today. I’ll be done around 5 so be dressed and ready to go. I have a surprise for you.” He makes tons of kissy noises as he closes his eyes and you fall back on the bed laughing. He’s so goofy and you’re happy to be with him despite not always having time together. You look at the clock and it reads 11. What could you possibly do all day with this excitement.
All ready to go and dressed in your nicest jeans and a sweater you wait on the couch for him to get home. The clock reads 4:58 so he should be home any minute. In that instant you get a call. “Hey baby sorry we got other schedules as we went today so I don’t think I can make it in time. I’m so sorry baby I know you were waiting for me all day. I sent you something instead to make up for it. He should be there now. I love you Y/N I’ll see you tonight.” With that he hung up and you heard a ring at the gate. You put your shoes on and went out to answer it your heart hurting from the call. The man at the gate hands you a box and bows before leaving. You close the gate and open the box. Inside is a teddy bear holding a letter. You smile a little at the cute bear and take the letter opening it to read it. ‘I have something special for you in the back yard. I’m sorry.’ His thoughtfulness makes you smile and you head around the side of the house to the back yard where lights were strung up dimly lighting a blanket with a basket sitting on it and next to it a bottle of wine. You knew this wasn’t here a moment ago so you look around trying to find someone. You go to look behind the tree but find no one. From behind you a familiar voice rings out. “Jagia that would be to easy if I hid there.” He hugged you tight making you smile ear to ear. “Oh Hoseok I was so upset I was almost crying. You’re to mean for doing that.” You pout looking up behind you at his smiling face. “Like I said I’m sorry Y/N. It was the only way to get you away from looking out into the back yard by accident. I knew you’d be in the living room you’re so predictable.” He kisses your cheek before nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck. “I hope you like dinner. It’s been so long since we’ve actually gotten to eat together so I had Jin make something for me.” He walked you over to the blanket and sat down with you opening the jacket and pulling out containers of food. “Namjoon said to be romantic I should have wine but I don’t even know how to open it.” “I can get our water bottles from inside its fine. I don’t really want to drink tonight anyway. I want to remember everything.” You lean in close to him kissing him softly on the lips. He puts his hand on the back of your neck kissing you sweetly and passionately. You wouldn’t trade this for the world.
done and done
At the package part I was really hoping that it wasn't Shoes . . ^ Anybody else understand why?
Could you right another one if possible and tag me in it. If ur not busy
Awwww this was so cute ❤❤❤
@SeventeenBias you're welcome love
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