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Happy Jimin day! I think we can all agree that the infamous comment from Rap Monster about Jimin's lack of jams was completely baseless.

Rookie King proved that Jimin is definitely able to have fun!

I mean, between him and Suga, he was the Unlucky King and was forever drawing the skull card.

Although he didn't want to do a punishment sometimes, he even said so in a fun way! He has jams and lots of them!

He's got natural good looks and carries himself well. He can seriously pull of any look, from studious-

To classic handsome.

He fits perfectly into hip-hop style(sleeveless shirts, yes please)

He even looks good as an office worker!

He could be the cute, sensitive boy next door

Or a grungy bad boy.

Now let's talk about his style of uh... not having shirts on. We will start out slow with just a peek.

Alright. Getting your feet wet..

We're almost ready for this right guys? If your not, get ready!

*fan girls everywhere faint*

Let's not forget his real talent though - singing! He has a gorgeous, beautiful voice that has such a great range and he can belt those lyrics out awesomely!

Before we finish this card I want to mention his body rolls.

Lovely, lovely body rolls..*drools*

Thanks for all you do for us Chim Chim! Like making us die from your abs and body rolls, but you revive us with your singing! We are eternally grateful for you, you and your jams!