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Noona November: Thanksgiving edition
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all kpop guys of course but these little cuties know how to brighten a kpop fangirl's day. So, my card is dedicated to the guys of iKON who are younger than me😄
Double B! I love Bobby and B.I. They are such a great duo. You can tell that they are really close. Bobby is a 95-er as am I, but I'm older by 9 months so included him. Hanbin is a 96-er but I think he's a good leader despite three members being older and three members being younger than him.
Next are the 97 liners, Dong Hyuk and my bias, Junhoe. Yes, I know June is two years younger (no judgements😂) Dong Hyuk really is the sensitive one and June is a guy after my own heart. Of course, because he knows that we live to eat, not eat to live 😌👌🏾
Chanwoo the maknae! He used to be an actor so I included a pic of him when he was younger. He's so cute (like awwww liddle babyyyy cute) and he needs more lines y'all. Let the maknae shine a bit lol Anyways, I'm an iKonic because of these guys (Love you though, Jinhwan and Yunhyeong)! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!
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