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We all have a few epic and hillarious fails when gaming whether it be in the game or because of it. My buddy goes on this tirades; screaming and cursing at the game that always split my sides. I on the other hand do things too make the game more intense which leads to epic fails. Like this one time one Naruto game I played a Kiba which his moves looked like he was break dancing. So I turned on some tunes and danced/battled to the beat even if it meant taking a lot of damage or using poor moves xD What about you, have anything funny you wanna share? @shannonl5 @DarthRevan @BrittanyBaldwin @RyanOgg @Quietone @Nicolejb @RKA916 @OGv6FATE @Lorena13 @ButterflyBlu @Danidee
😂Why must you make Lucario's fall so dramatic? That pitiful look, though. When I smash online, I randomly do a bunch of quick squats to communicate to others. You know they're a friend when they do it back.
@Rockron97 Lucario is my go to guy XP We've been on many adventure together and I usually screen shot the epic and funny moments xD