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I am at work feeding stragglers who have no where to go for the holiday. So far I've fed two people in an hour. I'm the only one in the kitchen tonight so I'm lonely. I have you guys though and ChimChim day so all the booty everywhere. I'm so thankful for all of you and for those who support my writings and read them. I love you all.
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@krin no I work at a pub called Meehan's there are 5 locations
Ohh ok haha we use the same glasses at Ihop idk why I thought it was a thing lol... I'm sorry you're at work!! I hate the restaurant life so I feel you 馃槶馃槶
@krin I have a degree in it. I love it but not the holiday working part. at least I get Christmas off. also if IHOP sells Crispin then which IHOP do I need to go to
Hahaha no Crispin unfortunately. Yeah working holidays sucks!! @SugaOnTop
at least my boss said she might let me go early if we don't get to many more people. I'm hoping for maybe 9 to leave instead of 11 like normal Thursdays