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This. This is without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever had to encounter on my life so far. When you love someone but you for some twisted reason you are not able to share the rest of your life with them. It is not easy giving up on someone, but it is something that we all must go through in our life's.
I want this community to do something. I want (who ever wants to) to make a card about the relationship that impacted you the most, either in a positive or negative way and tag me. It doesn't have to be pretty or long or anything. Hell, it could just be a simple sentence. But I want to know everyone's story, and maybe your story will relate to someone else's and give them strength and encouragement. So please, make a card and tag me! Godspeed!
Hmm. This is hard. I think we have to learn from every single person we get that close to. Every relationship has something to teach us. (@RosePark, we were just talking about this, weren't we??) Otherwise, we never gain enough experience to learn what we want and don't want, what we deserve, need, should look for, and value. You know? I have to say this too... That first pic, the quote about breaking the memories, too. I hear a lot of people say stuff like that and while I understand it, I disagree with it. I think we have to remember so we can learn from mistakes and successes. When I lost my husband, I thought, "I wish I'd never met you so this would never have to hurt like this!" I truly believed that for a long time. But once that pain started to settle in, once the sharp edges started to dull a little, those happy memories are all that we have. The pain never ever goes away, but I'd rather have the memories than Nothing at all... I'll think about this and once on I decide on who, I'll do a card for you. 💜
I get what you're saying is it's counterproductive when you still care about & love someone to the moon and back at the very same time you know it it cannot be. Stuck in the middle of hope & reality of the push & pull of those opposing forces, wanting something to weigh the reality heavier. We do this thing, well the human brain does, where we tend to remember more of the pleasant things & block more of the bad looking back. So what may have actually been not an ideal relationship while we were in it & the things caused it to breakdown (which of course we know) tend to blur when we mourn the 'what could've/should've been'. And it's actually that bit a lot of the time that's the source of our heartache because it doesn't match the 'how is was supposed to turn out' in our head. I'd say try to remember the things that didn't work about it as well as what did, not to think negatively about it, but just realistically. However the loss has come about try to appreciate it for what is was & wasn't. Not everything it could've been... @ButterflyBlu I am so moved by your words. Saddened & given hope at the same time. Wholeheartedly agree about gaining understanding of ourselves from relationships & about what we value & deserve. xx