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Otaku my chicken-butt. -_- A mainstream lover who thinks they're an otaku made this and now people are going to start reposting this. Great. Mainstream is not otaku. You needa go more far than that. Why do people in Vingle Anime only talk about Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto, etc. etc?I've said this twice now •~• There's better animes out there. Read the manga too!! There's also games about em.. ;~; just WHY MAISTREAM Rabbits are Flying Mint Bunnies? It's Usagi!! Edit: You aren't supposed to usually be PROUD about being otaku. Ye know what, some people can't even say it correctly. I'm being rude here, and I know that. My point is, don't live on top of the rock; live under it. That there is when I'll give you thumbs up. Also, ask yourself, do I really stay home 24/7? Do I really stay in my dark room with a bright screen? If you're willing to correct me, then listen. Based on my sister, Taku means home. The O is there to make it more ... familiar.. Which only concludes to otaku being a word to describe any geeks that stay home most of their time. You can't just say, "Ohh we all love anime so who cares :^/ We're all otaku." Anime isn't the only thing that makes you otaku either. The types I were describing were the ones who watch anime, read manga, play video games, online things, etc. If you're a geek about a certain anime and you can remember every single detail on it. Then sure, you're 'that' otaku. For example, if someone knows every hand motion (in order and what it does), characters, read the manga, etc etc in 'Naruto', then you're a definite otaku of 'Naruto'.
.... the word otaku in its original meaning (at least in this context) meant fanatic, implying extreme fandom. Fandom for anything, not limited to anime or manga at all. Later it become a derogatory term and was mostly identified with lovers of anime, manga, video games, models, and other nerdy hobbies ironically through the same media (manga and anime) that the 'otaku' were fans of. It's really only outside of Japan that the word has been embraced and once again had its meaning subtlety changed. Being an otaku is not a badge of honor. It's not something you have to prove. It's a state of mind. But I do agree that to fully call yourself a fan of anything you should not limit yourself to only the mainstream stuff but broaden your knowledge of the medium. Basically if it's something you love wouldn't you want to see/read more and as many different anime/manga as you could? Some of my favorite anime and manga are things that few have heard of. You find hidden and unexpected gems, things that click with you for unknown reasons the more you explore and check out new and older stuff. Stuff that you learn about as people share their interests with you and others. In other words when you see a young 'otaku' who is all Bleach'd or Naruto'd up and hasn't been exposed to anything beyond Netflix, you should not look down on them, rather you should lead them to other cool stuff. I've been an anime and manga fan since I was 12, I'm now 33 I've done that for a lot of people and they have been better for it. Be a good senpai.
a true otaku looks at all animes and not. just the popular ones.I hate when people act like they are a otaku and the only anime characters they know is naruto and sasuke.
IM AN OTAKU AND IM PROUD, mainly because I'm not the only black OTAKU out there (I will find u my brothers and sister...i will)
otaku is usually a geek obsessed with something. so be it anime or reading, if you have a huge thing for it you can be considered an otaku. what this is is a weabo who doesn't know how to differentiate life from fiction
By the actual definition of the word you could actually be an otaku and I will just take your word for it but technically someone who only watches mainstream anime can also be one and if you think people should venture outside of the mainstream that is fine, recommendation cards are super welcome I can assure you because like I said we all dig anime in this community, that is why we are here.
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