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Sweet beautiful baby Jimin!!! He's my BTS bias wrecker. To me he has jams, HE HAS ALL THE JAMS!!!!!
I'll admit, I first fell for him at the sight of his ripped abs. I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Seriously dude, just stop wearing shirts.
The more I watched him though I fell in love with his personality!!! He's such a goof ball and has a huge heart!! He's always smiling and cheering up his hyungs.
He's still a baby but growing up to be so sexy!!! I'll be watching him like a hawk during their comeback!!!
Also, I totally ship him and Suga my ultimate bias!!! As if they weren't cute enough separately!!!! Haha ok I'm done.
mianhae jungkookie but I blame jimin for doing this to me I still love u though
He's my bias too omg😍😍
Dude he's also my bias wrecker because of his cute, sexy, adorableness that I keep reminding myself to stay faithful to yoongi. Also yoonmin is real just putting that out there ✌👌
On the fourth picture on the top does nobody else see kookie looking at dem abs?
awe my baby!!! jimin is my ub
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