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Well, Spring finally comes to Seoul. And after discussing with some members of Vingle Photography community in Korea. We would love to have a meet up with all the Vinglers out there who would love to spend a weekend together for photo shooting. After that would have some beers together. Who could join? Anyone who likes photography, would love to go around taking photos in Seoul. You do not need to be a professional photographer :), as for myself i am nowhere near there either. When ? Saturday 13.4.2013 :) Where? Around Yoeido, since the cherry blossom is coming soon :) How to join? Leave a message to me, or leave a comment. Want to ask more people to join? Then clip this card, and share it to your friends :) So they could know this meet up. Thanks and looking forward to your reply :)
count me in....
I would love to join if I am in Seoul let alone Korea... :( I love taking pictures and this sounds fun
@ntnguyenphoto i will send a message to oyu :)
@alise yah it is in Seoul
I would like to join, please send me more info
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