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Comment below and tell me which sub-unit you like most....on Wednesday I will post up picture of the sun-unit that was commented on most!!!! leave a comment below and tell me which sub-unit u like the most!!!!
Vocal Team- Seungkwan, Joshua, Dk, Junghan, Woozi
performance team- Hoshi, Jun, Dino, The8
Hip Hop team- Wonwoo, Mingyu, S.coups, Vernon
I totally can't choose! I think I like the performances of Vocal team more but the personalities of Hip Hop team...but the boys in performance are my favorite members?! THIS IS TOO HARD.
all can't choose all them are just too cute
preformance even though my babies vocal!! I love their energy!!
imma say performance unit bc they're a combo of both the hip hop and vocal unit with showing off vocals and rap. not to mention incredible dancing to match. With charisma and heart to wrap it all together. Not saying the other units don't have charisma or heart, but it shows more to me in the Performace unit. Especially in The8 lol
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