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Ah I remember when I first got into bts, I thought Jimin was my bias but oh have times changed
Although that ⬆ had nothing to do with anything, lets talk about Jimins hair.
Haha his face tho! Anyways my favorite hair color and hairstyle on Jimin is the one above. It's a weird shade of brown idk but its very nice
I think this is a different shade but nonetheless he looks so hot here omg
Also we can't forget the cuteness that is Park Jimin in cute little hats (Please comment your favorite hair color on Jimin!)
My favorite is the same as yours!
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I love his hair in the first picture! and that last gif tho...bahahahhahah
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@EvelynLoyaRico You have some good taste if you agree with me!! lol jk but seriously any hair color on Jimin would look amazing :)
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