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:10 Before Forever ~ D. James Breaux
Another place and time....
a deluxe collection of thoughts
lost in a million sunsets;
deluxe thoughts
of you and
love abloom
on forever's well-appointed coast.
A flower I gave you
was't unlike love
until it's foreverness faded....
pressed against the limits of lastingness
and the one broken heart in all of time
and for all eternity
that should've never broke.
And If we never see each other again
and we get to the last 10 seconds
before forever,
wait for me.
Wait for me on the coast of eternity
in case forever never comes
so the last 10 seconds can
be like forever
with you....
holding hands.
And I'll fetch you another flower,
a forever flower....
one with it's beauty unbroken,
it's foreverness
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