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Dear My friends behind the screen
I'm on many social media websites. So you can say I get around ;) . . . . Like I know a lot of people..... >.> perverts. But no seriously, I have a lot of friends Online that I love talking to, and I love being their shoulder to cry on, and making them laugh when they've had a bad day, and messaging them at 3 a.m. when I can't sleep. I LOVE my online friends, and when people say things like "They're not really your friends." "Or you don't even know them." "Or blah blah bullshit blah blah." I'm a friendly person. I love getting to know people. It's not my fault you'd rather stay afraid of the world and of what's out there. I'm also aware that there are predators online, but that shouldn't make you afraid of everyone There are people who are murdering people in the streets...... .....but you still go outside. So fuck off my friends, because you will not talk shit to me about them. You will no convince me with the "helping me go down the right path." Shit. The person on the other side of this screne is a real person, and they have real feelings. Saying their care and devotion doesn't mean anything because they're "not really there." Is a bitch thing to say and I will not stand for it.
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I love you!!! its annoying that your only suppose to have friends in person. technology is there to help get rid of the gap of distance so you can be friends with anyone all over the world. Fighting!
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but i'm literally a people person. I need to talk to everyone. Sorry I'm greedy like that. plus i love getting to talk to people from other cultures
9 months ago
been a while
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@Ririchiyo14 haha nothin wrong with that
9 months ago
Damn right! sry i dont know you but i totally agree with you
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thankyou, glad you understand
9 months ago
you go girl!
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9 months ago