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Don't we all love the adorable eye smile? Of who? OF CHIMCHIM! Like seriously, that boy is an angel. A legit angel.
(kiss, kiss, lemme practice my kiss kiss)
{Omg, I feel like an old granny cooing over her grandchildren} (Bish, feel this leather. See this? $3.50)
(I like you, this muchhh!!!)
(where is jeongkookie......)
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Yes I finally meet other people who call him ChimChim!!! My beautiful boy!!!!
@krin lol I just turned 27
@Baekyeol27 TWINSIESSS
Jiminy is seriously becoming a bias wrecker before I didn't even really like him, except for the skills he had. now he is ruining my bias list
chimchim looking adorable and hot I just can't with my feels 馃槏馃槏馃槏