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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! I'm a bit late to make this post because I've been busy (eating), but since @Meeshell tagged me, I thought I should join in, too!

The Challenge Questions:

1. What kpop group are you most thankful for and why?
2. What kpop mv are you most thankful for and why?
3. How has kpop helped you this year?
4. What kpop idol inspires you the most and why?

Here we go!

1. What kpop group are you most thankful for and why?

I think this is probably going to be obvious to everyone, but I'm going to have to say VIXX! I've written too many cards about how much VIXX means to me, but basically it's because of them that I have had a lot of really unique experiences, met a lot of cool fans, and made a ton of lifelong friends! Not only that, but they've been kind to me before (when I lived in Korea and went to other concerts in US), and really remind me that working hard towards a goal CAN work out!

2. What k-pop MV are you most thankful for and why?

In an effort to NOT write about VIXX for every single question, I'm going to choose to write about GD's Crooked! This song didn't come out this year or anything, but this MV is one that I think about a lot. The story isn't that intense or anything nor is it the best story ever made, but I really loved how the whole song & mv is a party song about going out and going crazy because "you miss someone, and that doesn't matter anyways.....but wait actually it does I'm broken and crying." I really felt the intensity of gd's emotions in this song, and I love coming back to watch it! It reminds me of the ups and downs that we all go through, and that it's normal & okay, you know?

3. How has k-pop helped you this year?

Well, kpop has NOT Helped me get more work done because omg I spend too much time on it XD I would say it's just helped me get through a tough year as far as work & life goes. Like I said above, I made many many great friends in real life through kpop, and having events we planned to go to together to look forward to gave me some structure that I needed. So, when I was feeling lonely I could think "but I'm going to that concert soon!" and when I was stressed I would think "why don't I just listen to this new album for a bit and then get back to work?" It wasn't anything in particular about kpop but about the community around it, ya know?
OH, and you guys too, you guys are a big part of that lol. I can just come here now when I need a pick-me-up!!!

4. What kpop idol inspires you the most and why?

Rather than writing about which kpop idol inspires me (because I'll just say vixx again lol), I want to say that kpop fans inspire me? I know that's super cheesy and lame but it takes a lot of courage to boldly love something, and I think we all love kpop a lot! Not only us, but I love seeing fans do nice things for idols, too, to give something in return. I also love when I see fandoms supporting & helping each other out. Fans are the best!!!

I love you guys!!!

Bye bye now!

I'm not going to tag anyone bc I'm kind of late doing this, but if anyone wants to join in, please do!! And feel free to tag me :)
UH. EXCUSE YOU. You can't put a Seventeen, VIXX, AND Suga gif on one card. Not allowed.
Aww this is so true!! I'm so thankful for Kpop!! 😍😘❀️
@kpopandkimchi it's thanksgiving I'm showing my thanks :P