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It's time for Vingle's 자기소개!

A 자기소개 (ja-gi so-gae) is a self introduction (name, where you're from, what you like to do, etc) and I think it would be awesome if we could all make one :D
Here's what you need:
1. 이름 - Name
2. 국적 - Nationality
3. 좋아하는 것 - Things you like (or anything else you want to say^^)

This is for all levels:

so if you can't write in Korean or you don't know enough vocab yet - do it in English!
That way we can know what level of learning everyone is at and we can work together to get better and better!

Here's mine:

1. 내 이름은 김치예요. ^^
2. 미국사람이에요. 캘리포니아에서 왔어요.
3. 강아지 완전 좋아요. 한마리 있어요. 이름이 "비비"예요 :D

Translation (if you want it!)

1. My name is Kimchi^^
2. I'm American. I'm from California!
3. I love puppies. I have one! Her name is BB :D

Make your own card introducing yourself so we can all get to know each other :D

(If you're new, HERE is how to write a card on Vingle^^)
내 한국어 이름은 심 찬찬입니다, 하지만 내 영어 이름은 네타냐입니다. 미국사람입니다. 인디애나에서 왔어요. 난 한글 공부를 즐긴다.
내 이름은 이마니예요! (Imaani) 미국사람이예요. 필라델피아에서왔어요. 저는 10마리의 강아지를 가지고 있어요 ㅎㅎ ^-^ I don't have a true Korean name yet so my English one translates to "This a lot" or "This many" xD
내 이름은 "멘디" 입니다 미국사람 입니다 난 초콜릿 너무 좋아요. did i do that right ?
might take me a cpl days, but i accept!
I'll make a card
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