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So I've seen many of these cards today and they've made me want to make one too! I also missed the first couple days of BTS Hell Week because of different reasons so I'm going to combine them!

The Group I'm Most Thankful For: BTS

Bangtan has changed my life for the better! Their music isn't just great to listen to, it has meaning behind it. Their singing, rapping, dancing, and performances are incredibly captivating and make you feel something; their lyrics and hard work and experiences behind their songs make them meaningful. Without them I wouldn't be who I am today. I have learned to just enjoy life and have fun in everything you do! I also learned from them to follow your dreams and with hard work they will come true. Each of the members have a special place in my heart. There are different things I love about each member. Jin: I love that he cares for his members so much. Being the omma of the group, Seokjin has shown his thoughtfulness and kind nature which I love about him. He also loves the fans so much! And we love Cheerleader Jin! Suga: I love Yoongi's passion for music. He stays up late and works in his music late into the night which is why he sleeps so often. And even though he's constantly working, he always finds time to be a good friend to the members and give back to the fans. Rap Monster: Along with Yoongi, Namjoon's passion for music is incredible! He is up with Yoongi sacrificing sleep and making music. He also is a great leader. Not being the oldest member, it must be hard to lead the group but he does an amazing job and the members know it! J-Hope: This happy virus! You could be in the worst mood and Hoseok would cheer you up in .0000001 seconds! He is also always showing his affection to his members, being both a great hyung and dongsaeng! Jimin: Jimin's smile is contagious! He always smiling! His presence just makes everyone happy! There is just something about him that makes you want to always be around him! His personality is no joke! Jungkook: Jungkook, our golden maknae! He is seriously good at EVERYTHING! I don't know how, but he is! But I think his bright nature outshines his talents. He is so playful and is always playing around with his hyungs (even teasing them! *cough* Park Jimin)!

Idol I'm most thankful for: Kim Taehyung

Thought I forgot someone? How could I forget V?? But I had to make a separate one for Taehyung. Taehyung is my ultimate bias. He has a personality like no other. He is weird and incredibly 4-D which I love about him! He isn't afraid to be his true self. He just makes you smile no matter what he does. Taehyung loves both his members and his fans! He is always showing his love for his members. Same with his fans. He always puts forth his best when he performes. And the talent he has! Taehyung's voice is amazing. I could listen to it all day and still want to listen more! He is also a great actor. We have all seen his acting and he does such a great job! I hope he does dramas in the future! His dancing ability is great too! I think he is really underestimated when it comes to dancing but he is really good! Taehyung has taught me to live my life happily and to have fun. He has also taught me to work in everything I do which I'm thankful for!

MV I'm most thankful for: Sherlock by SHINee

Really I should just say I'm incredibly thankful for all SM Entertainment because every single group from this company got me into K-Pop but it was this video that made me think: "I like this music! And that's okay." Honestly, I didn't want to like K-Pop. I was scared I would be made fun of because of it. But after this MV, I realized it didn't matter what other people think because I love this music, so I'm thankful for SM and Sherlock! Finally, I'm thankful for all the new friends I made on Vingle. Not having anyone else who likes K-Pop in my school, I'm glad I have great people to talk to here! Happy Thanksgiving! :)
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@kpopandkimchi truee 💕
@GDsGF @4dalientae @kpopandkimchi thank you guys! :)
I had thought you forgot about V, I was like "nah uh, how dare you?!" xD but I saw you didn't lol.
@thatoneoutcast I couldn't forgot our 4d alien! :)
@jojojordy2324 Good haha I don't think it's possible to forget our alien cx