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The Luis Suarez of Basketball?
Luis Suarez is not only known for his amazing soccer skills, but also his biting skills as well. He’s so good at biting he has bitten three players so far during his professional career.

He’s so famous for his biting that...

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Yeap. That’s how good he is.

And now, his influence as a great biter might be spreading into other sports as well.

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The Colorado Buffaloes were playing Air Force and as it always does with sports, things got a beat heated.
And while Colorado sophomore, Tory Miller got tangled up on the floor with Air Force’s Hayden Graham...

Miller was caught on camera biting his opponent!

Graham made sure the refs saw the bite marks and Miller was ejected from the game!

Luis Suarez just doesn’t score goals. He influences how all sports games should be played.
So sports fans, I know this might be a crazy question, but what do you think about biting in sports? Do you think it’s a no-no or can it be part of the game?
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