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This is a story I wrote and I've been told it's one of my best. So please read and let me know what you think and hopefully you will love it ^_^ First chapter: chapter: The music isn't enough to drown out the noise of this town. Well I'm not a vampire, but I feel like one. Click. Click. Be....cause I sleep all day...because I hate the sun. Children's laughter. My...... hands are always shaking. Body's always aching, and the dark is when I feed! Running. Oh I can lower any woman that I want to in my bed....With me! Next thing I know I was falling to the floor cashing to the sound of the words. "Get her!" My back hit the cement knocking the hoodie off my head. Blonde it mine? Or hers? "Ouch." I muttered glaring up at who ever had the nerve to rudely knock into me. My eyes softened as I looked into two blue eyes. They were a shade of the blue sky, beautiful, light, but soft around the edges. Before I knew it the weight on my body was gone. "What?" I sat up, vaguely seeing a pair of brown boots before the sound of feet trampling passed me leaving me to stare at the shadow of the girl with beautiful blue eyes. I eventually got up dusting myself off and looking back as if I would see whoever it was. I slightly shook my head as if I couldn't believe the idea had even came from me. I'm....insane...Oh I can feel it in my bones! Coursing through my veins... "I think I'm the insane one here Ronnie." I muttered to myself as the Guitar solo began playing into my ears from the headphones connected to my phone. My thoughts were soothed enough for me to walk to the store, and get the stuff my mom wanted. It sucks being the oldest. Having to do everything that my two little sister are "too young." to do. I rolled my eyes remembering the lecture that my mom had given me when I told her I didn't want to go into town. I grabbed the shopping cart walking through the aisles remembering the words. "When they get old enough they'll do the same things that you have to do, but until then. They won't go into town. They aren't ready for that yet. The world is just too dangerous. " I rolled my eyes pushing the cart. My mom never thought that when I was younger. She'd send me into the store to get my own diapers. It's weird how a parent's perspective can change from just a little bit of time passing. I always start in the produce section, and worked my way up. I strolled over picking up the strawberries that my mom wanted me to get for, my sister, Spindy. Probably for another one of her traps. I kept walking pulling the list of items that my mom had handed to me before I left. After getting, what seemed like the whole store, I headed to the check out. The line was pretty long. I never understood why they had so many isles but only a few of them open. While I was waiting I replayed the fall with the mystery girl in my head. Blonde eyes.....probably weighs 125 pounds. I thought trying to remember how heavy she felt. Brown boots. Those were the only clues she left me with. I don't know why I was so interested with her. I didn't even get the chance to say hello, but I had already walked into her trap. I moved forward unconsciously ease dropping on a conversation going on in front of me. "I don't understand why they make you buy the magazines if you can just sit and read them anyway." The young girl in front of me said with the magazine in her hand. "So you can go back to it and read it again if you want to." Said a women that could either be the girl's older sister or her friend. "Psh." The younger girl mocked." If you already read it why would you want to read it again? Speaking of reading! You know what I read the other day?" The older one shook her head, and I could feel myself almost leaning forward trying to hear what she was going to say." There's someone going around killing people and taking their thin-" "Yeah! I read that too! New York Times right?" Shut up! If you're not going to explain what you read don't cut people off! I want to know this too damn it! I had to keep myself from bursting out covering my mouth in a thinking position trying to keep my frustration in. "Yeah, people in town are dropping off like flies! No one is safe!" The younger girl confirmed. Good thing I don't live in town then? Though this girl sounds very dangerous. It couldn't be the one I met this morning. She was called thief not murder. "I heard she was at it again! Only this time if they catch her they're going to take off her head!" The taller girl exaggerated as her voice seemed to rise, and then quickly quieted down. I started to feel like this criminal has planted a special seed of hate in that girl's heart, but knowing humans, she probably created it herself because of popular opinion. "I'm amazed they haven't done that sooner." The younger girl said in a haughty tone. "She is pretty hard to catch. Once she's gone. She's gone. I heard they once sent a search party to look for her for a whole week, and they still couldn't find her. The taller one interjected. "Well now she's really done it-" "Ma'am', can you please step forward." The cashier asked politely, and I felt the line move forward as they gave their apologies for not paying attention. Great.....left on a cliff hanger. I was hoping they would continue gossiping, but of course it was like a dog with a squirrel. They had completely forgotten about being interesting, and would occasionally talk to the cashier who would awkwardly try to make conversation with them. I turned up my music letting the sound flood my ears as I had quickly began to lose interest in them, but not their conversation. A Murder? I began to think as the music took me ironically to my room of peace and quiet. "Stop thief!" I recalled hearing that before I fell to the ground. Could that have been her? No couldn't be, she seemed very clumsy, no renowned murderer could make a record for herself being that clumsy. Though, how can anyone with eyes that innocent even be considered a criminal? I'm sure the cops today were just a misunderstanding. Rabbit my claws are dull now so don't be afraid. I could keep you warm as long as you can try to be brave. Is that her power? Those beautiful eyes that make me feel like she couldn't hurt a fly. Could she be more than what she seems? "Sir." The cashier called, and I felt bad that she has to keep calling everyone, but from the look on her face. She was used to it. I stepped forward as she scanned item after item, and putting it in the appropriate bag. She didn't talk to me though. It's like in a human's instinct to not say anything to me, to be afraid of me, and to avoid me. That's fine. I don't have much interest in them anyways. "Ok, that'll be $23.56 please." I reached into my pocket and pulled out the money my mom had given me before I left. I handed her the thirty dollars and she took it handing me the change. "Have a nice day." She said and I nodded." You too." Before grabbing all the bags, and beginning to walk home. I left the store with a bag in each arm turning the way that I had come from. I looked at the familiar path and the first thought that came to my mind was Will I see her again?聽 I wondered, and internally shook my head the incoherent lyrics running through my mind. Don't be stupid Sven. You're not the vampire that gets the girl. You're the monster that causes her to run into the dreamy vampire's arms. Pushing the thoughts out. I began walking that way I had come. I was dreading the long walk back. My only company was my phone. My best friend being my Music app. A woman with her dog was walking my way and then quickly crossed to the street in her efforts to avoid me. "Thanks, for moving out of my way." I said softly to myself. You wonder why innocent people die on random ocassions I kept walking as more people avoided me. While dogs would stop to bark but I again ignored them. When I walk past they stare and shiver. I'm so deadly I make the Sierra wither. Yes, they wither with the fear of my cold bloodthirsty fangs, and shiver at the image of my very existence. Well they would.....if they were a fly. I kept walking making my way to the random spot in the side walk where I had met her. I glared at it wondering why I even had an interest in her. Even if I do meet her again, eventually she will find out who I am, and she'll hate me. Just like everyone else. I hate you, and I hate the smell of human scent I could tell that I was almost home free when I heard the phrase again. "Get her!" I stopped my eyes widening as I could of sworn that I was just hearing things. Those voices, it's the same man from earlier. Does that mean she's there? I kept walking, and so what if she is? What are you going to do? Show up and be like. Hey! Remember me? You ran into me while you were running away from some guys in blue. She's just going to think I'm a stalker. "Kill her! Make her pay for what she's done!" I heard people chanting. Kill her? That's going a little overboard for a petty thief isn't it? I looked right, that was the corner I had to make to just go home, and forget that this girl ever even existed. The sound was coming from the street across from me. I would have to just make one left turn to the angry voices were coming from. I don't know what would happen if I go. Even if I try to save her. She might spit at me, or hate me, or even be too afraid to be around her, but if I don't, she might die. Why should I care? She's just a human girl. A thief of a human girl. I turned the corner. That's right! Even if I ran there like an idiot there to catch her when she falls. She's going to take one look at me and call me a monster, and as soon as she's safe she'll run as fast as she can away from me swearing at me for even existing. No, not worth it. I'm going home. The heat was making me sweat in my hoodie, but taking it off would be just as bad. Just have to get completely out of town, into the forest, where my small cabin is and have lunch, because falling in love with random strangers has made me hungry. Love? No, can't be love. It's just an admiration. No, not even that. I must be coming down with something. That's it. When she bumped into me I must have caught some germs or something, and that's why I'm not myself today. What could I feel about a human girl? They're despicable species that will end up destroying themselves because they can't stand the idea of everyone not looking exactly the same. They have to have to put each person into their many categories, of minor categories, and sub categories. Sooner or later there will just be groups of singular people, because everyone is too different to be around each other. That is, if they survive. She's been ready. She's been waiting. Don't be late. You can't be late for something you're not going to do now can you? "I'm not going." The bags fall to the ground. "I'm absolutely not going to help her." I'm turning around. "She started this problem. She can get out of it on her own." I'm running.
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Yay 馃槃 I can't wait!!! oh and by the way I'm on wattpad as well my name there is SotoNight25 I would love it if you read my stories as well. if you have time of course I wouldn't want it to get in the way of your writing mostly because that means I'd have a longer wait to read lol
@natsoto if you'd look at my profile you'll see that I have 13 stories posted and only one of them are finished XD, but I still wouldn't mind taking a look!
Cool 馃槉 I know I've started reading your other stories as well XD
Chapter 3: Hope you guys enjoy it!