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HEY GUYS!! I guess this is a sort of challenge so here we go :P ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Cred: @kpopandkimchi
(Me= Left) (Sister= Right) Well this is me and my sister, this was taken today :D (P.S. can you tell that it hurt to stretch my eyes out that Big?!?) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
This is kinda what my hair looks like, just replace the White with Brown. WOOOOOO
1. 이름(Name): My name is Steffanie but most people either call me 'Steff' or 'Spacha' (Its a character my friend made up that's really greedy, Im not greedy though, I share Taehyung and Kookie with people) 2. ꡭ적(Nationality): American/Native American/Chinese (I know, weird mix up)
3. μ’‹μ•„ν•˜λŠ” 것(Things you like): I like BTS......and BTS and other groups but mostly...BTS :D
ALSO. @beckiboop1996 @sosoaloraine23 and I started a YouTube channel and we are going to post Kpop reaction videos, our first one will be after the new BTS COMEBACK! woooo. So please subscribe. (It took me an hour to MAKE the profile picture and the background, so.. :D) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also, please suggest videos and tag your friends in the comments down below to suggest as well ================================ LOVE YOU GUYS!