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I've been seeing a lot of these so I've decided to hop on the bandwagon xD
The Group I'm Most Thankful For: B.A.P.
They're not the first boy band that I heard but as soon as I heard Yongguk's voice at the beginning of Warrior I was in love with him. Then when the rest of them started showing off their talents. I legit couldn't blink I was afraid I would miss something lol. Ever since then they've been my bias group. The other thing is that I can feel their emotions in their songs. I feel other groups emotions but not as much as theirs. In 1004 I always cry damnit. In 4:44AM even if it's Yongguk's solo track I cry the worst. I have never cried so much during a Kpop song it just kills me. They also are so such goofballs. They seem like bad asses but really they are kind hearted silly people. I also love what they stand for doing what you love no matter what other people think.
MV I'm Thankful For: U-KISS Neverland
The reason behind discovering Kpop again and why I started to love Korean Boy Bands.
How has Kpop Helped me this year:
I used to be really angry and depressed. It has helped me through all of that. Even when I feel down it still helps me. Kpop also helps me sleep. I sleep so peacefully with Kpop on.
What K-Idol Inspires you Most: Bang Yongguk
Well, First off I'm so glad he was born. He is so fine lol. The reason he inspires me is that he is a rapper. I write my own raps sometimes to be honest. He is my main inspiration in Korea. He also only does what he loves. If he doesn't like the idea he won't do it like me xD We also have the same favorite colors and personality. People always tell me I look really scary, tough and mean. I'm actually a little softy and actually very kind and sweet. He has also been through many hardships and he still strives to do what he loves; according to his song 4:44AM. He doesn't want help with his problems because he doesn't want to be seen as weak. I feel that 100% I love you Yongguk and keep doing you.
@Jiyongixoxo I feel like I was watching a movie with One Shot and I know.I waa like nooo Himchan!!!
I love this! And yeah I love bap the video I cried the most during was one shot lol when I first saw that and they shot young Jae I balled and that was when I first discovered them and me like a dummy decided to watch it again once I learned their names and yeah I cried even more especially when they shot JongUp and yongguk haha and don't even get me started on Angel I think or 1004 when Himchan shoots himself I couldnt
@otakukpopgirl me too! my name is Madisonne
I'm very thankful for BAP too
@Xiuyeolhyun before I sleep it is nice to meet you. my name is Coreena. I hope we can be friends 😺