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So we've watched the parade, we've eaten our turkey, and we've had that strange annual dinner table conversation with Uncle Josh, which only means one thing...

It's officially Christmas season now!

Love it or hate it, bells will be ringing, Christmas choirs will be singing, and there's about to be a whole lot of seasonal cards here on Vingle. I've been brainstorming what would be the perfect 'event gift' to share with the rest of you for the month of December, and after thinking long and hard, I've come up with:

The Funny Community's '12 Days Of Parks & Rec'!

For the first 12 days of the month of December, there will be 'Parks & Rec'-themed games, trivia, challenges, and conversation for fans here on Vingle.

There'll even be a DIY tutorial on how to make Marshmallow Ron Swansons - the ultimate stocking stuffer!

So get prepared to treat yo' self, Pawneeholics!

The '12 Days of Parks & Rec' are coming!

(And be sure to comment below if you want in. I might also be looking for some volunteers to help create fun games and challenges with me. We can have our own planning committee!)
@danidee I've been working on it for nearly two months now...it's a surprise ^^
I love Parks and Recs
I've actually never seen Parks and Rec
You BETTER tag me, lady!! @danidee
@RaquelArredondo IT IS. Especially if you like really creamy soups. MENUDO IS IRREPLACEABLE THOUGH. But usually we're eating menudo or pozole on Christmas Eve.
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