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So, I recently posted a card about UP10TION's M/V and @kpopandkimchi telling me that she missed me hit me right in the feels. It made me realize that I haven't kept contact with most of y'all and it saddened me.
It's been weeks now with no internet and it SUCKS!!!! Like it's hard to keep up with K-Pop and I'm thankful to all of you guys for helping me become aware of what's been happening (especially to @Emealia @thePinkPrincess @MorganElisabeth @AimeeH @CreetheOtaku @B1A4BTS5ever @kpopandkimchi) I know there's many of you that have also tagged me and stuff but there's so many of you that are also new to me and it's hard for me to keep up with my notifications. Imma try hard to keep in touch. If I like your cards but don't comment, don't be sad. I probably have nothing to say or the photos didn't load enough for me to understand what's up, but know that I at least acknowledged you ^_^

I love y'all so much and it hurts not commenting or replying back ㅠㅠ

But once I get internet, you bet I'll be on Vingle 24/7!!! Who needs sleep when you have friends?! ^_^ <3
lol what's wrong with that XD @Emealia
I miss you too!!! And I'll keep tagging you in cards so don't worry ❤❤❤
Much love ♡
@AimeeH Awe~ 😭😘
@KpopGaby Awe well no matter how long you stray, you'll always be met with open arms by me!! ♡.♡
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