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Hello amigos!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thorsday! I will do a mini fanfiction....PG13

I hope you had fun on this hoilday.

and the whole Marvel Community!

For Thanksgiving my mother came over to make sure I followed our family recipes. Father came over to lay around and try bonding with his son-in-law Thor. "What is this thing called Thanksgiving? Father-in-law?" "Why do you speak like that?" My dad says. "I am Thor..." "Yeah, yeah I know" I laugh because my dad just think Thor is weird. He doesn't believe in Asgard. As we cook the men continue to awkwardly bond. Finally, it was time to eat. My abuela, little brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, my best friend and her husband arrived. As we sat down at the table I realized I didn't prep my honey Thor about how we as a family eat. As we were closing our eyes to pray. I feel Thor move and all of a sudden I hear him munching on something.


"Oh LAWRD!" My mother yells. "Oh mi Dios nos ayude!" My abuela yells! (Oh my god help us) Everyone else laughs and snaps pictures. I was so embarrassed, but he looked rather sexy man handling that turkey. "This turkey is rather tasty. Do we have more love?" He smiles and winks at me. "No Papi, but we have chicken and I think Tiffany brought some roast. But let's pray and then I will make your plate." "Girl ya man sure love to eat!" Tiffany (my best friend) says while winking. She dirty minded something among the many things we have in common. "I know right!" I replay. We both began laughing. "Yall nasty!" My little brother says while shaking his head. Finally, the family calms down and we say our grace. Then we go around and say what we are thankful for as we make plates and pass the food. This is a family tradition. Some ppl say some generic things so they can eat quickly. Some ppl say some heartfelt things. "Thor it's ur turn son. What are you thankful for child?" My abuela says. Everyone is still. "Yes, at first I was confused about this thanksgiving thing. But I guess I understand it now thanks to my wise Father-in-law. I'm thankful for Asgard, for being worthy, for my family here and back at home. Lasty, but not least my beautiful wife Jessamine. She is so loving and non judgmental and very creative. I look forward to Thorsday and Freaky Friday! In fact, it is Thorsday I hope you all will be leaving soon after the feast!" He smiles and kisses me. My dad almost choked on his food. "What the hell just happened?! My little girl ain't no freak!" "Indeed she is sir." Thor smiles and then stuffs his face. "This isn't a bad thing?" My face is red. "Oh, okay now. That's enough let's enjoy the food." "Wait did Thor just kick us out after we eat?!" My cousin says. "Indeed." Thor says while smiling. "I need Thorsday." "What the hell is Thorsday and Freaky Friday?" My elder uncle asks while trying not to laugh. " Alright no more! I'm grown and married that's all yall need to know. Eat and hush up!" "Oh mi Dios! My baby!" My abuela yells. My mother fans my abuela while fussing at us all. Finally, we eat like normal ppl. I can't believe Thor today, but oh well let me get ready for Thorsday day!


LOL. I'm a day late but happy thorsday!
thanks @cindystran. I'm glad u enjoyed it @shannonl5