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Hi! I am Courtney! 안녕! 제 이름은 숙이 입니다. 你好! 我叫淑怡. (The name I chose for Korean is how my Chinese name sounds in Cantonese :3)
I'm American!~ 저는 미극사람 이예요!~ 我係美國人.~ I moved a bit, even to Hong Kong for 3 years! I currently live in New York. 지금 나는 뉴욕 에 살고. 我現在住係紐約.
Things I like... Traveling Disney (I had the opportunity to go to Disney World for my 21st birthday~ best birthday ever~) Doctor Who, Sherlock K-dramas, K-pop, the Korean language, RUNNING MAN Anime, manga (in any form, Japanese manga, Korean manhwa) Animals (so much better than most people, am I right? XD Dis my puppy~) I love me my video games and YouTube gamers~ Food *w* My Korean vocab isn't spectacular... So... XD Thanks for reading!!!
@petname83 It was AMAZING!! I wore my birthday pin all weekend and everyone wished me happy birthday all weekened~ And whenever we were at a sit-down restaurant in the parks, they would give me a birthday cupcake!! Very nice to meet you too!!! 만나서 반가워요!~
@ARMYStarlight Cool!~ I listen to podcasts by Talk To Me In Korean when I'm on the way to work or school. ^^ They're fun to listen to too!
Amazing welcome! My Korean is still not well...I mean I understand some and read an write a bit heh!
네~ The written language would just be considered Chinese :) But when you speak, it'll be different dialects, Cantonese and Mandarin being the more common out of the whole myriad of dialects! My reading is better than my writing because I can recognize the characters easier than remember them. XD I wouldn't have learned it if my mother hadn't been from Hong Kong and especially if I hadn't moved there. XD It's the harder of the two ㅜ.ㅜ It's such a diverse city! I absolutely love it.~ It spoiled me, I grew up in pretty suburban/country-ish areas all my life. After I lived there, I HAVE to live in a city! XD
만나서 반가워요!!! So you can read/write Cantonese too? Or is that Mandarin (sorry I don't know anything about either language) That's SO COOL! I visited Hong Kong once for a short time and I fell in love with the city!
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