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The Game is sick and tired of the double standards in hip-hop and has decided to share his thoughts on the the issue.
The Game is at odds with Instagram over some racy selfies the rapper posted recently. While shirtless photos are nothing new to the bulked-up Game, he recently posted photos posing in nothing but boxer briefs, the outline of his "manhood" clearly visible.
Yesterday it was reported that Instagram will require Game to remove the pictures.
Today, the rapper responded to the social platform’s insistence, saying,“Word on the street is, Instagram is threatening to ban my account if I don’t pull the meat print picture down."
TMZ reached out to Game, who says the fuss confuses him since the photos have been up for several weeks and Kim Kardashian doesn’t receive similar response to her numerous revealing photos.
Does The Game have a point? Is Instagram placing an unfair double standard on him in regards to posting pictures?
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I agree he shouldn't have to take it down. If he does so should Kim. No exceptions.