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Vic Mensa Joins Chicago Protests Over The Killing Of Laquan McDonald
The release of the footage of the death of Laquan McDonald at the hands of the Chicago police has shook the city to the core.
Fed up with the rising death toll of civilians, Chicago citizens took to the streets in protest. Looking to support the movement, Chicago emcee Vic Mensa joined the march in downtown Chicago.
"We out in downtown Chicago right now," he says in the above video. "I just got hands put on me by police. We want justice for Laquan and we want justice for our people."
On Twitter, he later amended his statement. "Hands put on me by police was inaccurate," he wrote. "Fighting police." Video below shows a scuffle between protesters and the police.
This one is pretty tough to swallow. Lets hope that justice is served in this case.
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