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BTS - Ma City Lyrics (English Translation)

Update: The previous video i posted is deleted by the owner, so the new video is posted below! Scroll down!


And the edit looks beautiful~ I really really enjoy this song, it's sounds fun and it is about them... Their songs are always have stories, and i love it when it is about them. Plus, Min Yoongi produced it! I love all of it, but my favorite parts are Jimin+Jungkook's part and Suga's part. Suga's part is hillarious! The lyrics is great, he has so much pride omg. While Jimin+Jungkook's part just sounds so catchy, and their voices are great! What do you think about Ma City? 3 days left, so excited! Credit to the owner of the video. It's awesomeeee~
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@yewookyu Just came back from that awsomeness!! lol
2 years ago·Reply
@sosoaloraine23 great! hahah they keep deleting it, maybe because big hit only pre-release it... ^^"
2 years ago·Reply
I gotta admit it this song is amazing I'm pretty sure it's my favorite song from them.
2 years ago·Reply
@TracyLynnn yeah Suga did a great job producing it! ^^
2 years ago·Reply