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Random order because its too hard to decide!
Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail ❤
Jenny Realight from Blue Pegasus❤
Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail❤
Ultear Milkovich from Crime Sorciere❤
Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail❤
Meredy from Crime Sorciere❤
Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail❤
Yukino Agria from Sabertooth❤
Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail❤
Kinana from Fairy Tail❤
Evergreen from Fairy Tail❤
Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail❤
Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail❤
Bisca Connel from Fairy Tail❤
Cana Alberona from Fairy Tail❤
All beautiful and strong at the same time! I hope you all love these beauties as much as I do❤
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juvia 5.0
2 years ago·Reply
I declare a harem # harem life
2 years ago·Reply
Cana there is just something bout her that would have me all 😍
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
>\\\\\< Juvia is up there too 😳 But Juvia thinks her Gray-Sama is just the cutest thing😍😍@ZacharyStewart @AnthonyGentry
2 years ago·Reply