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Noona November: UP10TION
Seeing as how how kpop idols keep getting younger (and younger), a situation has arisen which I didnt think possible…

I became a noona.

And not just to one or two members, but to entire groups. UP10TION is one of em.
These adorable (and extremely talented) boys are all younger than me. Including the eldest hyung, which is like 2 months younger.
Yes, tis mind-blowing.
These fetuses are all cute and talented, but I honestly didnt think the day would come when the maknae would be 3 or 4 years younger than me. After all, I'M USUALLY THE SAME AGE AS THE MAKNAE!!


With the arise of all these baby rookie groups, it takes a second to let it sink in that these ppl you stan are are all fetuses...
Gotta remind myself ^^
Anyways, just take into consideration that age doesn't matter and should not get in the way of you loving or stanning a group, may it be a sunbae group where the maknae is literally 8 years older than you or a rookie group full of babies, kpop is all about love ♡ *dayum that was cheesy* aaaanyways, this was my 1st card here, idk I did it right or not, hopefully yes
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@kpopandkimchi Hope I did the challenge right love ^^
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