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It's time for the Funny Community's Friday 'Would You Rather?' game!

This week, I'm going with a HOLIDAY THEME to switch things up for everyone - Santa's beard vs. Rudolph's antlers!

Would you rather have to wear a permanent Santa beard or a permanent pair of Rudolph's antlers?

(Sorry, you don't get his red nose. His sleigh team needs that.)

Comment below with your answer, debate among your Vingle friends, and I'll share the results next week!
Last week, I asked you if you would rather be rich or intelligent. 41 of you voted, and the winner is -- INTELLIGENCE with a whopping 39 votes!!!! (Shout-out to @MissB82 and @SarahRoot for being the two underdogs who went with money. Hate on, haters. That took guts!)
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beard. do you realize what I could do with a beard that magnificent! it shall be braided and laced with gold and silver and all shall know me by my dwarven heritage
antlers!! Football would be funnn
go around poking people with them lol
I'd take the antlers and rock em
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