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My Future
*tries to ignore JB and Jackson in the background* So I was listening to Lost Stars (by Jungkook) and Confession Song (by GOT7) and it made me wonder how my future was going to turn out...and who was going to "light up the dark". And then I thought... I should make a card containing what my fantasy is for the future. Why not? (listen to Lost Stars on full blast while reading this card, and it'll make it 10x better)
I've always wanted to slow dance with the person I love in the night *with lights and candles* This idea just makes my heart flutter
I'd like him to be able hug me freely
and be passionate about the way he feels
I want to be his best friend
And I want him to look at me with that "I'm in love" eye stare every once in a while
If he enjoyed his food like this, it would make me smile
Just thinking about having our own world aside from the real one gives me butterflies
It's true that life is short...so why not live it with the one you love?
I don't know if any of this could actually happen in real life, but it'd be nice. I don't know what a real relationship feels like (unless you count kpop) XD

Wouldn't it be nice to have the perfect knight in shining armor?

Has anyone found that person yet?

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@AnnahiZaragoza haha exactly!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@christianliu my dad use to say the same thing XD
2 years ago·Reply
@4dalientae yea haha thanks :)
2 years ago·Reply
oh my gosh. this was so adorable~ ^^
2 years ago·Reply
@kimleekwonshin thanks yous :D
2 years ago·Reply